SWYD is a new brand of training supplements, protein powders, gummies and vitamins that underpin the training plans of all levels of athletes. From gym users to endurance sports and adventure...and those looking for greater wellbeing.

SWYD is the brainchild of Matt Pritchard - ex wild man of MTV’s Dirty Sanchez who now devotes his life to health, wellbeing and fitness. He has completed numerous extreme challenges as an ultra athlete including 30 Ironman events in 30 days and rowing across the Atlantic in 52 days.

Matt recently celebrated his 50th birthday by running 50 miles. He is participating in the Brutal 300 in September - a 300-mile endurance run. Matt is able to compete at this level because of his training schedule, his vegan lifestyle and the supplements he takes.

He is the key ambassador for the SWYD brand and will use his significant following to promote these products.